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tuareg ~ wings @the garden of life

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Take a piece of Heaven with you.

Tuareg ~  Wings @ the Garden of Life.

The "Garden of Life" collection is based on Middle Eastern cultures and how the landscape is designed according to certain ideologies of Islam. Rather than focus on the philosophical, metaphysical, and poetic aspects of these "earthly paradises" emphasis on articulating fanciful geometric designs, vibrant colors, the animals the plants, the flowers, and the waters of Heaven.

A pendants, from a Tuareg nomad tribe living in a village in the desserts of Morrocco. The elements This piece combines the love of Morroco, the Tuareg Tribes. The artist refurbished and restored this beauty by enhancing it with a semiprecious gemstone and 18k Gold Plating.  As a Reiki Master, the artist combines the energies of the stone with the energy of the world of balance and serenity. Merging the cultures of the East and West.  Reminding each of us, Enlighted One's to tap into one's inner being and tread lightly on this earth.

Be in the here & now, Live in Love & Light. Love, L95.

Part of the Vintage Tuareg jewelry collection. Origins near deserts in the Morrocan Region.

18k Gold Plated Silver

Matt Gold finish Semi-Precious 

Brown Topaz