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my story

An adventure through my world told by pictures and pieces of jewelry designed by experiences I have had over the years. Traveling to different countries meeting different people capturing these moments with photos and different memorabilia that I give back to you.



my autobiography

I was born in 1971 in Kuwait to the most amazing parents a person could ask for.  My nurturing parents would influence and fuel my creativity from early childhood and still inspire me to do better and think creatively till this very day.  Hands-on work was their way.  They took me everywhere with them encouraging me to dive in head first in various projects and experiment in different ventures with family and friends.  

my father

My sweet father would take me to the back offices of all his relatives workshops. We used to summer in Baghdad, Iraq where I was allowed to process photographs in my grandfather’s Photography studio. My grandmother had a pond and fruit trees and we would pick them.My uncles had a record store that I learned to play the records. Dads uncles, the optician, the other a watchmaker, one had the antiques shop and the gift shops. This was a major influence on the creativity that I saw and sought throughout the years. 

my mother

My mother’s influence started in the kitchen where I was allowed to explore different recipes ingredients wash dishes and play. She started a catering business in which I was a part of filling orders to make endless types of foods and then a distributor for different kitchen Gadgets and cake pans. My mothers love for nature extended to the Garden where playing in water was a common every day experience building castles in the mud planting herbs.going to the beach was a natural weekly occurrence playing in the waves gathering seashells building castles in the sand endlessly. She would take me to her fathers auto parts shop Where I was allowed to fill orders for metal greasy car parts. We would go to her fathers summer house in Amman Jordan. Where we play endlessly gathering Fruits and vegetables with the farmers. We would play,would interact with the farm animals we would gather and  eat fresh eggs and makeesh breakfast baked fresh on the saj daily and sleep under the starry skies. 

numbers and letters 

At 16 years I earned a BA in Economics from the American University of Cairo,Egypt. In 1992 moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. I managed businesses there before moving to Lubbock, Texas in 1995. This year marked the beginnings of my design career, art work and influenced the naming of my company, leen95. 

My jewelry and work is mainly inspired by the self discovery and confidence and balance. Through reiki and self growth numerology and energies. Raising my kids to be multilingual, i tried to teach them through visual interactive ways.Therefore carving our letters and writing in the sand and in clay. Therefore the fascination with caveman drawings, heirogliphics,words letters and their origins. My collection includes the Aramaic Bracelets that combine the element of metals with leather in beautiful calligraphic personalized names and phrases. 

I create products I want to wear, and that are much more than just a piece of jewelry - and I hope you think the same! I am just getting started and I would love for you to come along the journey with me...