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hearts, lines contours…orientalist

hearts, lines contours…orientalist

Jewelry inspired by Oriental culture and architecture. Explore the Scrolls,  Stacks, Shapes Series. Circles, Squares, Heritage, Hexagons, or Pentagons. A collection that incorporates hearts, contour, lines...orientalist  

Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom designs
love letters in the air ...romantic

love letters in the air ...romantic

Jewelry inspired by the world of caligraphy, precious metals and gemstones. 
Love letters of "ka"-ligraphy, represents a collection of initials, exquisite words, and phrases. The unisex names-on-leather or the love-of-country collections.
The stories, inspirations, and designs all pay homage to this unique world and the beauty that jewelry holds in our everyday lives.  
Please allow 3-4weeks for custom designs

love letters of "ka"-ligraphy

For those obsessed with caligraphy and the ancient Aramaic languages. Born and inspired by Islamic Art, Arabic and Aramaic caligraphy. A recurring vision of the Arabic letters "k" and "a" together combined forming the word "ka" in its arabic form, is derived from the Aramaic word that means "peace" and the symbol resembles the number 8 in arabic which also means infinity...resulting in a wish to bestow infinite peace with each of your special jewelry. 

There are no capital letters in that language, this has been adopted throughout the "ka"-ligraphy collection on this website. 

Available in letters A-Z, numbers 0-9.

Diamond studded options available and price on request. 

Note that letters are custom-made. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production.

love-of-country brooches

Reflects the diversity of jewelry traditions and techniques found in cultures around the world by gathering a collage of souvenir pendants and symbols from your favorite country the brooch is beautifully constructed into new expressions of love for your country. 

Prized by jewelry lovers and collectors alike these brooches are sometimes worn as pendants or used to accent hairstyles, jackets, hats, belts.

pendants & chains

Obsessed with collecting pendants and chains? Enjoy our selections.

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Obsessed with collecting rings? Enjoy our selections.

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unisex names-on-leather

Lovingly handmade with every tiny letter word or symbol meticulously cutout. Each letter has a unique meaning, it may represent your word of choice.

Available in fully studded diamond, 18K, 14K, or 10K Gold Prices available upon request.

Email or Text us +1(806)239-4700. 

vintage, restored, remixed... modern

vintage, restored, remixed... modern

from large silver, amber studded necklaces by the bedouin nomadic tribes of the arabian peninsula, to geometric bold simplistic, fairouz-studded chokers. vintage fine jewelry meant to stir the senses. that said, the appearance of these accessories has always been admired from a distance. our collections transform the vintage, restored, remixed jewelry into wearable jewelry for the modern woman.

our collections arrive mostly from rare jewelry designed by the bedouins around petra in jordan, berbers of morocco, and nomadic tuareg tribes of the sahara region.

traditionally, bedouin jewelry usually studded with amber, coral, agate, cornelian, pearls or turquoise and is made of silver. our modern collection transforms this jewelry with 18K gold plating and new e-plating resin creating a modern collectors jewelry. with all original characteristic features of silver coins, links, bells, and balls. replacing the beads with colored semi-precious stones and diamonds. chunky and heavy bracelets and anklets remade to be light and delicate. their surface restored to show of the original  intricate caligraphy embossing.

the independent tuareg people known for their berber ways. created stunning geometric bold simplistic jewelry designs using mostly silver; believed to be the metal of the prophet.