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The Contours Collection

I have always been fascinated by Orientalism - artifacts, traits, or style considered characteristic of the peoples and cultures of Asia. This collection blends the shapes, lines, and curves og Orientalism into wearable jewelry pieces.

The Modern ka-ligraphy Collection

This collection of jewelry is inspired by the artistic beauty of Arabic "ka"-lligraphy as well as the meaning of the "ka" vision and its origins.

"Ka" is the root of the Aramaic word meaning peace. It is also the origin of the Arabic number 8, resembling the word infinity and reminds us of our boundless potential. The exquisite nature and deep meaning of Arabic letters and characters led to the creation of the "ka"-lligraphy collection. Transposed into designs for the modern woman. 

The Tuareg Collection

The Tuareg Collection

This handmade jewelry collection is inspired by the beautiful golden hues of the sun and desert of bedouin tribes of the Middle East. Petra in Jordan, The Berbers of Morocco and the Nomadic Tuareg Tribes of the Sahara region. Interpreting the collection into what a modern woman demands. Each piece was reborn with 18k Gold Plating and a new form of e-plating. Color variations are a normal occurrence in this collection.