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Over the years, leen95 jewelry has created, collaborated, designed, and customized high fashionable fine jewelry for private clients. With meticulous care to provide the finest quality diamonds and gemstones. Due to higher demand and requests of many loved ones and friends, leen95 will be expanding to producing fine jewelry for the trendiest people like yourself. Also,taking you into its studios,introducing you to the behind the scenes work that goes into jewelry making, providing a classic line of alphabet jewelry in any language, because love letters are written in all languages. Introducing you to Diamonds, Gold, Silver and Introducing Recycled Plastics Jewelry and NFT Jewelry Art. Also our newest 4th Edition of coffee table book with elaborate illustrations of Caligraphy and Jewelry all combined.

The leen95 brand is an adventure through my world told by pictures and pieces of jewelry designed by experiences I have had over the years, started in 1995.Traveling to different countries, meeting different people, sharing life experiences, discovering a common passion and the exploration of the many cultures of the world. From the Tuareg Hill tribes in Morocco, to the ancient ruins of the Pharaohs and Ancient Egypt, from gliding along the Costa Rican shoreline where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet to surfing the Californian coastlines, the culture, food, art, history and craft of the world has been a never ending source of inspiration. Capturing these moments with photos, and different memorabilia that I give back to you. 

A big influence is the arabic caligraphy that has no capital letters therefore we tend to use small caps throughout the website. As a reiki and energy master the semiprecious stones i work with emit that radiance and positivity to each bearer.

leen95 can also customize and make your fine jewelry pieces for all professional and social occasions. leen95 guarantees you the high quality pieces that are unique, different, and empowering.

Your concierge custom jewelry designer at your finger tips.


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