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As a fascinating being, you have an amazing story to tell, leen95's original, most personal collection uses 18K yellow gold to tell these stories. Signature features including a matt satin finish, green gold plating, red gold plating and rhodium plating that oxidises the gold giving a blackened effect for contrast. Also our special technique e-plating that gives your favorite color to each piece. Lastly, our semiprecious stones is a story on its own.

Scientifically, precious gemstones oscillate, emitting specific vibratory frequencies but are balanced because they absorb the inputs of all different energies around them and store a tremendous amount of information. Each stone in its rough state is unique in shape and size, synonymous with the individual that wears it.Some people believe in the power of the stone and that certain stones carry certain energies.

Mystically, as a certified Reiki master and from a person who has studied most religions of the world, the power of positive comes from within and from the subconscious. Stones and objects merely are an extension of our positive inner being.This collection reminds us to stay as unique as the stones and resonate with positive.

This collection is for the people with discerning tastes. People choose to wear diamonds due to their rarity and one-of-a-kind nature can add a few colored diamonds here and there too. Let us customize that look for you too. We here @leen95 search for the rare rough stones that are also one of a kind and gifts from mother earth. We believe the power is in the mind and the gemstones remind us of our ultimate power of the self. For the discerning tastes...enjoy our collection. 

Each leen95 gold collection piece is a numbered limited edition or one-of-a-kind.